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When I joined my first engagement group, I didn’t know what to expect despite reading good feedback about engagement groups.

I received likes and comments from other members of the same engagement group but there was no noticeable increase of new followers.

In short, it was disappointing and the engagement group went inactive in less than a month.

I joined more groups and slowly develop a better understanding on how to use engagement groups effectively.

Results began to show and my main Instagram account started to gain more than 1,000 new followers per day.

Here is how I did it and what I realized:

1. Make sure you post just before the list is compiled

For those new to engagement groups, a list is a collection of Instagram account names participating in a round to trade likes and/or comments.

A round is normally held several times a day and participants are required to like/comment each other’s most recent post within 60 to 90 minutes.

What I realize is experienced engagement group members always post just before the list is compiled, to increase their chances to appear on Instagram Exploreinstagram-explore.

Usually under 5 minutes, before the list is compiled.

When I started to do the same, my results (new followers, likes and comments) started to improve.

2. Join engagement groups that use host bots

A host bot is a tool to compile the list of account names dropped and check for leechers.

Without one, admins will have to copy and paste account names into a list and check for leechers manually.

Hence, groups that don’t use host bots tend to be smaller and go inactive quickly because compiling the list and checking for leechers manually, is a tedious and thankless job.

I find small groups less effective especially when it mostly consist of accounts with  less than 30,000 followers.

The first group I joined didn’t have a host bot and I had to alert admins manually every time I spot a leech.

Therefore, I won’t join groups without host bots because they’re almost always badly run or managed by people who were banned from leeching in established groups.

3. Join as many engagement groups as you can

As mentioned above, engagement groups come and go.

When you get more followers, join groups with bigger accounts and you’ll have a better chance to hit Explore.

You don’t have to participate in every group, just monitor them because you’ll never know when you might need these groups.

4. Look at what others are doing

Don’t copy, but try to understand why these accounts are growing faster than you.

Then make the necessary changes to improve your growth rate and engagement.

You will FAIL if you just copy the content and hashtags of a bigger account.


Because you have less followers, likes and comments to compete under the same hashtags.

5. Use more videos

From my own experience, posting videos tend to bring me more followers if it hits Explore.

Videos can be hits or misses.

If a video doesn’t hit Explore, it looks bad when you have more than 100,000 followers and your video has less than 5,000 views the first 60 minutes.

Hence, I never posted videos before I joined engagement groups because none of my videos went on Explore.

Once I joined engagement groups, videos became important to get followers because once a video hit Explore, followers will start flowing into your Instagram.