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About IGWiki.com

Hey there, I’m Andrew!

Thanks for visiting IGWiki.com, my personal blog where I share all my strategies, tips, and lessons learned during my journey to 100,000 Instagram followers on my main account in less than 6 months.

How I got started on Instagram

The moment I installed Instagram. I knew it had potential.

Every year, I watch Instagram grow from strength to strength, especially since it was acquired by Facebook.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated and didn’t do anything about it until I decided to take a break from my job and get serious with it.

I’ve heard plenty of success stories on Instagram and I believe I can be one of them as well.

Over the course of my Instagram journey, I’ve experimented and discovered different methods to grow my account with real followers and good engagement.

If I can do it, anyone can. Just check out my numbers from Socialblade.com below:

Why I created IGWiki.com

Like everyone else, we all want to increase our Instagram followers in the shortest way possible.

My goal with IGWiki.com is to help fellow users grow their Instagram account with real followers quickly with good engagement, at minimal costs.

No need for fancy apps and expensive software.

There are too many self-proclaimed social media gurus who gives the same useless advice for every social network.

My problem with these people is that they don’t back it up with numbers and proof.

Just check their social media accounts.

From Facebook to Twitter, every social media network is unique and require different strategies to be successful.

When I was first started, I was so tempted to buy fake followers and shoutouts to grow my Instagram too.

Unless you have cash to burn, don’t do it and grow your account organically with real followers and people who actually like your page.

I believe that with IGWiki.com, I can help others to be successful on Instagram.







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