With Instagress dead, a lot of people are looking for the next best Instagram bot to replace Instagress.

Web-based Instagram bots eg. Instagress, Boostgram and Instaplus are not widely used by professional internet marketers because these bots are usually more expensive.

Boostgram charges $99 a month for 1 Instagram account!

Furthermore, web-based Instagram bots offer less features to simplify their platform and look more user-friendly for beginners.

From my own experience and observation, the 2 most popular and established Instagram bots used by professional internet marketers are Mass Planner and Follow Liker.

Both bots  have been around for many years and are also sometimes used to automate engagement groups.

Hence, I will only compare Mass Planner and Follow Liker under various criteria:

1. Price

Follow Liker, Instagram Edition: $97.99(one-time payment) for unlimited Instagram accounts

Mass Planner: Starts from $9.95/month for up to 16 social accounts(2 accounts each platform); $44.95/6 months for up to 32 social accounts(4 accounts each platform)

Type of social accounts supported by Mass Planner illustrated below:

Verdict: Follow Liker is cheaper over the long run despite the more expensive one-time payment upfront.

2. Graphical User Interface(GUI)

For those new to both Instagram bots, Mass Planner will be easier to use.

However, there shouldn’t be an issue for the user to adapt to both Instagram bots after an extended period of usage.

Verdict: Slight edge to Mass Planner.

3. Results

I’ve checked MANY Instagram accounts and the ones that use Mass Planner tend to gain new followers faster with much higher engagement.

Accounts that use Follow Liker tend to look like accounts that bought fake followers because of low engagement(under 2%).

I’m sure you’ll see the same results if you check Instagram accounts that use either Mass Planner or Follow Liker yourself.

The reason for this is because Mass Planner has better auto-follow and auto-like filters to target users that are interested in your content. Hence, these users are more likely to follow and engage with your content.

For further details about the filters and settings I used on Mass Planner, refer here.

Verdict: Mass Planner

4. After-sales Service

Mass Planner constantly receive updates and any queries are usually answered within 24 hours.

Some Follow Liker users claim that the software is buggy and support was less than helpful in solving their issues.

Verdict: Mass Planner

5. Miscellaneous Thoughts

Both Mass Planner and Follow Liker works on Windows machines only. So if you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to use a virtual private server(VPS)

Mass Planner is more CPU intensive when compared with Follow Liker.

Do not bot more than 4 Instagram accounts on one IP address. If you’re botting bulk accounts, use proxies to avoid bans.


There is no perfect bot for everyone.

If you hate installing applications on your Windows PC, use web-based bots that look like Instagress.

If you’re using a Mac and don’t want to use a VPS, web-based bots are probably your only choice.

However, I GUARANTEE you that the results will be below expectations and at higher cost!

Get either Mass Planner or Follow Liker, if you’re serious about social media and internet marketing.

If you want to bot bulk Instagram accounts at the lowest cost, Follow Liker is the best.

The best choice, in my humble opinion, is Mass Planner. You’ll get improved engagement and follower growth, and ability to bot other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and etc., at no extra costs!

I don’t promote products I don’t believe in.