When I started my Instagram journey, I did my research first, like any normal person in my position would do.

I googled anything that crossed my mind and skimmed through forum topics and websites.

Information was incredibly hard to process when I knew nothing.

Everything looked confusing and difficult.

I’m still reading through stuff to keep updated but after a while, I begin to notice (3)disturbing similarities among self proclaimed social media experts:

1.Most self-proclaimed social media  experts make most of their money from selling ebooks and guides

Just check their monthly income reports, if any.

They don’t make money by building brands , monetizing their social media followers or even offer growth services ( to increase followers) to businesses.

These “experts” make money by packaging their ebooks to make it look as if you’re gonna learn the secrets of social media and make a lot of money over a short time.

No different from get-rich-quick schemes.

2.Bad track record

If these social media experts are so confident with their tips, why are most of their accounts so bad?

Just check the Instagram accounts linked to their website.

Or ask about the accounts/brands they worked on.

I’m sure most of them can’t give you examples.

Either low number of followers (under 50,000 followers for years), bad engagement(few likes and comments) or BOTH.

Some guys were a little smarter. They boost their accounts to 100,000 followers within a few months, with bad methods like fake followers, trading shoutouts and etc.

Then, they’ll blog about how they reach 100,000 followers in X months and why you should listen to them.

Once the blog is up and the moment they stop their crap methods, their followers start dropping.

One account I checked dropped from 100,0000  to around 90,000 followers, and had less than 500 likes every post.

In other words, a worthless account.

3.Same basic advice for everything

Post good content, use hashtags, engage your followers, don’t use bots or automation tools, buy my ebook to learn my secrets, and etc.

Sounds familiar?

You’ll get nowhere with those tips.

Even if you do, you’ll be growing too slow and end up quitting before achieving anything.

So what should you do?

I’m not saying all social media experts are bad.

Good ones give technical advice and detailed how-to guides.

Internet marketing forums like BlackHatWorld are way more informative and FREE!

The real experts I come across in forums and engagement groups are too busy making money from their own accounts, not selling ebooks.

Hence, before you use your hard earned cash to buy an ebook or training guide, use forums, experiment on your own and ask your fellow Instagrammers!