Once in a while, you’ll come across people promoting their automated engagement groups on forums and chat groups.

What these people often say is that you can post anytime you want and you’ll receive likes from other accounts within the group automatically, right after you post.

Sounds great right?

But let me tell you why I will never use an automated engagement group:

1. You need to provide your username and password to admin

This probably the last thing the people running these groups will tell you.

From what I understand, MOST automated engagement groups require every member to submit their Instagram login details into the admin’s bot, to automate likes and prohibit leeching.

The admin will also need to use proxies because having more than 5 Instagram accounts with high activity, will raise flags with Instagram.

If the proxies are bad, every account using the same proxy will get banned.

If someone decides to run, you’re going to have to spend time getting back your Instagram account.

Lastly, every time you change your password, you’ll need to update the admin as well, so you’re discouraged from changing your passwords frequently.

2. Low quality accounts

If you value your Instagram account, it is highly unlikely you’ll give up your username and password.

If your Instagram is growing with regular engagement groups, why would you risk your account getting hacked/stolen by using automated engagement groups?

I’m sure a lot of us feel the same way because the automated groups I checked have less than 300 hundred members.

Most of the accounts in these groups are have less than 30,000 followers with poor engagement.

I’ve checked some of these accounts and their account growth is still abysmal.

In addition, it is highly likely the very same people who couldn’t grow with regular engagement groups, are using automated engagement groups as their last attempt to grow their Instagram.

Once automated engagement groups fail them, they’ll quit Instagram and put their account up for sale.

Lastly, it is highly unlikely that automated engagement groups will outperform regular engagement groups because of their small scale and poor quality accounts.

3. Your Instagram may be used for other purposes

Let’s assume an automated engagement group has 100 members.

To buy proxies and automate 100 Instagram accounts via a VPS(virtual private server) is going to cost a lot of money every month.

So, where is the money coming from?

Entry and unban fees, if any, won’t be enough to cover the monthly costs.

Just throwing in my 2 cents.

If you’re adamant that you want to join an automated engagement group, be aware of the risks and consequences.