Every now and then, I see other users get like/comment blocked or even worse, get their Instagram permanently disabled.(banned)

Till this day, I’ve never been banned or temporary blocked by Instagram!

It’s demoralizing to get banned after putting in all that hard work to increase your followers.

So, here are my top 5 reasons why users get banned on Instagram:

1. Excessive botting

The easiest to avoid and yet, the main reason why most users got banned!

If you’re temporarily blocked on Instagram, please stop and/or reduce your settings.

You’re more likely to be banned after being temporarily blocked multiple times.

I’ve seen users following more than 1,000 users every 24 hours, execute more than 100 likes per hour, AND wonder why they got banned.

Don’t get carried away because Instagram will ban you sooner or later.

2. Too many comments and DM(direct messages) from your Instagram

For some reason, Instagram is strict when it comes to comments and DMs.

Maybe they don’t like having repeated comments/DMs even if it’s genuine.

Using different comments may help, but I know people who cycle through different sets of comments who still got banned.

This is why I avoid using the COMMENT tool on Mass Planner.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a bot or not. If you comment/DM too many times, Instagram will ban you. Sometimes without warning.

3. Copyright & risky content

Be careful especially when reposting content from other users.

Give credit when possible because asking for permission takes too long most of the time.

Some users don’t like their content “stolen” and report whoever repost their content even when credit was given.

There are big brands like Samsung that report users who use their promotional material.

In addition, niches like hot girls and soccer are more likely to get banned because of copyright and inappropriate content, that is against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

4. Botting on new accounts

Don’t be too eager and bot the moment your Instagram account is ready.

It’ll raise red flags straight away and get you banned.

Post some photos and change your profile picture before you follow and/or like photos.

5. Jealousy from other users

Unfortunately, if someone doesn’t like you and get your account mass reported with blackhat methods , there’s little that you can do to avoid a ban.

Try not to make enemies and if you don’t like that user, just block and ignore.

Don’t escalate and get yourself banned.