There’s no doubt that automation software or bots are utilized in every social media network and it is no different on Instagram.

Have you ever wondered why you get followed instantly after you follow popular Instagram accounts like @instagram or @selenagomez? Its a bot.

Good bots will cost money but any costs incurred will be justified, after a couple of months, when used effectively.

Bots have been hotly debated amongst social media practitioners and frankly, I believe it’s a necessary evil to grow your account in the early stages.

Here are the top 5 FAQs about Instagram bots:

1.How many new followers can I get in a day, using a bot?

On average, expect to grow 100-500 new Instagram followers per day.

It takes time to understand what settings works best for your own account.

You need to choose the right sources and experiment with the settings/tools provided by the bot. I chose big accounts with good engagement in the same niche.

When I first started, I was only getting 80 to 100 new followers per day. Then as I experiment with new sources and settings, it gradually increased to 400 to 500+ new followers a day.

2.Can I get banned if when I use a bot?

Yes, but highly unlikely.

Accounts that get banned quickly are new accounts that start botting the same day the accounts were created, with an advertising link inserted in their bio.

In addition, accounts more than 6 months old are very safe for botting.

At most, you’ll get a temporary block for the next 24 hours, as illustrated below:


Sometimes the temporary ban may last up till a week.

The key is don’t be excessive with your bot settings. Well, any excessive behavior with or without a bot will raise flags with Instagram.

My settings were appox. 700-800 likes, 500-600 follows and 500-600 unfollows with 20-40 seconds delay per action, per day.

I’ve never been banned or blocked temporarily.

3.Accounts that used bots have bad engagement or few likes

I’ve read this many times from various websites and this is completely false.

You get bad engagement with bad settings.

I bot my main account and my best posts get more than 10,000 likes with 100,000 followers. That’s more than 10% engagement rate.

4.What are the best Instagram bots on the market?

From my experience, the most popular bots used are Followliker, Mass Planner and Instagress.

I use Mass Planner because it was cheaper over 6 months and I didn’t plan to have many accounts. Support is great but it’s more expensive than Followliker.

If you plan to have more than 5 accounts and bot longer than 6 months, Followliker will be the cheaper option because it only costs a one time payment of $97.99.

Feel free to test which bot suits you best as most of them offer free trials for several days.

5.Are there any good free Instagram bots?

Personally, I don’t think there’ll be any free bots that can compete with paid bots.

Furthermore, free bots lacks the necessary features and support to compete with paid bots.

Last but not least, free bots may just be disguised malware to steal your account credentials