To gain 100,000 followers within 6 months, I use both Mass Planner, an Instagram bot and engagement groups on Telegram.

For one reason or another, most people I know don’t bot and use engagement groups simultaneously. They either bot or use engagement groups exclusively.

Hence, I’ve compiled a short comparison between botting and engagement groups to help you decide which one is best for you:

1. Time

An Instagram bot will take more time to setup initially because you’ll need to look for good Instagram accounts to target with your bot and, experiment for optimal settings to increase your followers and engagement.

After the initial setup, all that’s left to do is to ensure that the bot is running smoothly everyday.

Engagement groups require more attention and time especially during big “like for like” rounds, on a daily basis.

One round may take 30 to 60 minutes and there’s usually 3 big rounds daily, 9am, 12 noon and 3pm Eastern Time(ET).

You will save some time by uploading the lists from engagement groups into your bot.

But, you’re still going to end up spending at least an hour everyday, especially if you choose to participate in multiple rounds with multiple accounts.

Verdict: Botting takes less time than engagement groups.

2. Cost

Good Instagram bots cost money.

You can either pay a monthly subscription for Mass Planner or a lump sum upfront payment for FollowLiker.

On the other hand, engagement groups are mostly free, especially new groups.

Established groups usually charge an entry fee of 5 to 10 bucks to deter leechers.

Personally, I’ve never paid to join engagement groups and will never pay more than 10 bucks because these groups require engagement from our accounts to be successful.

Verdict: Engagement groups are either free or cost less money than bots.

3. Ease of Use

I find bots easier to use once you become familiar with the interface, even after updates.

On the other hand, engagement groups, especially big ones may overwhelm beginners because each group have their own set of rules, that you’ll need to understand to avoid getting banned by admin.

These rules can change regularly and those who don’t read and adhere to the latest rules may get banned without warning.

Hence, there is little room for error and people get banned from groups on a daily basis.

Verdict: Bots are more “user friendly” than engagement groups.

4. Results

In my opinion, bots offer good and consistent results with the right sources and settings.

Engagement groups can offer great results especially when your latest post made it to Explore.

On the other hand, engagement groups might not work at all because people just aren’t interested in your content.

I’ve seen many people claim that engagement groups are worthless because it didn’t work for them.

If your account is already plagued with low engagement (under 3%), find ways to increase it before you start with engagement groups.

Either improve your content or start botting to get more targeted followers and engagement.

Verdict: Bots offer more consistent results when compared to engagement groups.

5. Interactivity

Using a bot that doesn’t require much time and attention will be extremely boring, unless you enjoy being in “auto pilot” mode.

Engagement groups is the place where you can look for potential customers, exchange ideas and get updates on Instagram’s algorithm.

Verdict: Engagement groups will make your Instagram journey a lot less boring.

In conclusion, it’s always better to bot and participate in engagement groups for the best results.

But not everyone has the time and money to spend to do both, especially when they’re just starting out.