I’ve read many articles on hashtags but none of them really taught me how to use them effectively.

At one point, I thought hashtags were useless.

Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags per post and you need to choose them wisely.

The goal of using hashtags is to allow more people to discover your posts and check your page.

Hence, to do that, you need to appear as the top posts of the hashtags you use.

Use popular hashtags? Doesn’t work when big accounts are using them. Your posts will be buried within seconds.

Check what your competitors are using? Doesn’t work either because your competitors use them because they’re confident that they’ll appear as the top posts of their hashtags. The competitors you are looking at probably have more followers and likes than you.

You need to use hashtags based on your niche and size of your page!

To appear as a top post of a hashtag, refer to the following guidelines:

1.Check the top posts of the hashtags you want to use, preferably hashtags that are used by at least 100,000 public posts, and relevant to your niche

2.If the top posts have 1,000 likes, then you need at least 1,000 likes to appear as one of the top posts of the hashtag

3.If you don’t have enough likes to appear as a top post, then focus on increasing your followers and likes

4.As your page grows bigger, you can try to use more popular hashtags that are used by more than 1,000,000 public posts

5. I’ve also used “spam” hashtags like #likeforlike, #likeforfollow etc. and these hashtags actually gave me additional likes because of bots and users hungry for reciprocal likes

6. Mix in some common hashtags as well, just in case your posts goes viral and pop up as a top post for hashtags used by millions

7. Have different sets of hashtags for rotation, to ensure that your posts aren’t competing with each other to appear as top posts

In conclusion, using hashtags properly is definitely beneficial, especially when your posts are the top posts.

It will increase your likes and followers when used correctly.