I’m sure this topic sounds odd.

But after looking through so many accounts on Instagram, I realized most people post too many times per day.

I know being hardworking is important to be successful in any venture but posting 50 to 60 photos within 24 hours is going to kill your engagement and account.

Yes, you get a small boost of followers every time you post a new photo or video.

But in the long term, your followers are going to feel spammed. They are less likely to comment or like your posts because you post too many! Put yourself in their position and visualize how you would feel.

So, how many times should I post in a day?

You should never post more than 3 times per day with a minimum 4 hour gap between each post.

This allows your posts to get necessary visibility from your followers and you’ll end up with more likes and comments every post.

On my own account, I started by posting 3 times a day. But as my account grew bigger, I post 2 times a day with approximately 12 hour gaps between each posts.

If my most recent post went viral, I won’t post for the next 24 hours.

Why? I believe that if your most recent post is popular, it is more effective to let it stay on the top row of your account(most recent 3 posts) for as long as possible to attract more new followers.