This is the WORST thing you can do to your account!

New users on Instagram are always tempted to buy followers  and likes to look “big”.

I’m pretty sure that the market to buy fake followers and likes is growing by the day as Instagram increases it’s user base.

Most companies who claim they sell cheap real followers that can be delivered instantly too but these followers are most likely Instagram accounts from third world countries that are paid to follow you once they receive their orders.

What will you do when brands demand to see your Instagram Insights? Nobody wants these followers and they are as good as fakes.

The logic that people will be more inclined to follow you because of the number of followers you have is incredibly flawed.

Just look at my new followers on one of my new accounts below:


I gained 2,238 followers in a day when 2 of my posts, became popular on a 2 week old account. My daily average of 450 new followers a day isn’t too bad either.

Furthermore, no bots were used to perform likes, follows and unfollows. Only engagement groups and the numbers don’t lie.

To sum it up, here are my reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers and likes:

1.Fake followers make your engagement look bad

Fake followers are not going to interact with your posts.

No one is going to buy shoutouts from you if you have 1 million followers with less than 2,000 likes every post.

I have seen so many accounts that bought 30,000 to 50,000 fake followers on websites selling shoutouts or social media markplaces like Famebit, thinking they can make easy money selling shoutouts.

You can fool your buyers once but once they realize your shoutouts don’t work, they won’t buy from you again.

An account full of fakes is worthless. Anybody in the business of trading Instagram accounts will know it.

Fake accounts often resort to botting and shoutouts to increase their likes.

So, what are you going to do after wasting your money on fakes?

2.Instagram will purge fake followers from your account

Fake followers are going to get deleted by Instagram sooner or later.

Just look at a few screenshots I took of 3 accounts on SocialBlade as an example, below:


On 3rd/4th September 2016, Instagram purged fake followers from many accounts and this is public information available on SocialBlade.

This isn’t the first purge and it won’t be the last.

How are you going to explain the drop in numbers to your followers and brands? Oops?

3. Your account growth will be limited

With limited engagement, there’s little chance new users are going to discover your posts.

Users can’t follow you if they don’t even know you exist.

4.How are you going to make money off fake followers?

Maybe you can sell a few shoutouts to newbies on Fiverr? Once you get bad ratings, your ‘house of cards’ will start tumbling down.

In conclusion, there’s absolutely no value added in buying fake followers unless you want to cheat newbies.

I was told accounts with fake followers will get flagged or limited by Instagram, but I don’t have proof to back it up.

So, don’t do it.