My page is small!


What do you mean by small?

What I mean is that my page with more than 100,000 followers always had less than 150 posts, all photos and videos included.

I delete old posts almost every day, especially posts with lower than average engagement.

Furthermore, I’m sure you have seen accounts with more than a million followers, with less than 100 posts.

In my opinion, any page will less than 300 posts is considered “small”.

Why do I keep my page small?

I like to show my best posts, especially to new potential followers, to entice them follow my page.

When my page was growing quickly, I was posting 2-3 times every day. Definitely, there are going to be posts that are less popular.

It’s impossible for every post to be popular or viral!

Hence, there is no reason to keep posts that are less popular with low engagement.

If people don’t like it, why keep it?

Furthermore, I felt that it hindered my popular old posts from getting more likes and comments because it was further down and less visible.

What I realize is that people(myself included), will tend look at more posts or scroll down more, if they can see a finishing line.

In other words, if I see a page with 100 posts, I will try to look or skim through them all because there is only 100 posts to look at.

Imagine a page with a few thousand posts!

The thought of scrolling through thousands of photos and videos already made me tired!

Lets face it, people today have short attention span!

If a photo doesn’t impress us in the first few seconds, we will start looking at another photo.

Last but not least, deleting old posts allow you to the option to repost it in the future.

I guess this is why throwbacks are so popular.

There will definitely be days where you don’t know what to post and reposting an old photo/video is a good alternative.


Not everyone keeps a small page but there are definitely benefits in keeping one.

In my opinion, it can improve engagement and get you more followers.