Free Instagram Followers & Instagram Likes Strategies


I always believe in keeping things SIMPLE and FREE, if possible.

So, here are the important tools I used for Instagram:


When I first started, the Instagram section of BlackHatWorld is a great place for information and discussion.

Sign up and ask questions there! You need to look for Instagram engagement groups there too.


The Instagram bot I used to execute TARGETED likes, follows and unfollows, is Massplanner.

For less than 50 bucks(Standard Plan), you get to use it for 6 months plus 5 days free trial.

From what I read from users of various bots, Massplanner is more stable, constantly updated and user-friendly compared with other bots. Support is great too whenever you need it.


To check other Instagram accounts, I use Socialblade.com.

What Socialblade does is that it allows us to track our own account growths as well as other accounts.

I use it to sniff out fakes and benchmark myself against other accounts.

No sign-ups required. Just submit your Instagram account handle and it’ll start crawling.

Then, you’ll be able to track the progress of your account without any fancy apps.



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