In my humble opinion, any person looking to make Instagram a good source of income, needs to join engagement groups.

If you don’t know what an engagement group is, please refer to my previous post HERE.

To me, engagement groups are much more than just trading likes and comments with each other.

Here are my top 5 reasons to join engagement groups:

1. Increases your chances of hitting Instagram Explore instagram-explore

To gain followers and engagement organically, your post need to appear on Explore, to allow people to discover what you have posted.

For you to increase your probability to appear on Explore, you need a burst of likes and comments, in a short amount of time, right after you posted your photo/video.

This is probably the main reason people join engagement groups.

2. Allows you to interact with other like minded people on Instagram

Most engagement groups are on instant messengers like Kik and Telegram.

This allows us to interact and exchange ideas on how to grow and adapt to Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm and patches.

It makes your Instagram journey much less boring.

3. Keeps you motivated

As mentioned previously, engagement groups allows you to interact with other “Instagrammers”.

You get to see what content they post and how fast they’re growing their page.

Every time I see another person growing faster than me, it motivates me to work and think harder, to gain more likes, comments and followers.

4. Find new ideas and content

Engagement groups are filled with accounts from various niches eg. cars, pets, nature, travel, luxury, hot girls, lifestyle and more.

Find out what other pages in your niche are doing, especially when they’re doing better than you!

If you’re looking to start a new page in another niche, check out other accounts that are doing well that interests you and people you’re targeting.

The last thing you want to do is to start a page that no one is interested in.

5. Make money

Almost every engagement group has 3 chat groups. One for rounds to trade likes and comments, One for chat, and last but not least, one marketplace to buy and sell.

Hence, there will be several chat groups to buy and sell because there are many engagement groups with their own buy and sell chat group.

If you have a good account in a popular niche, it is highly likely that you’ll find customers in these markets.

Every day, there are advertisements to sell Instagram accounts, shoutouts, ebooks, growth programs, paid entries to engagement groups, fake followers and many more.

However, trade with care because there are scammers lurking too.