When I first stumbled upon BlackHatWorld forums, almost every other topic was about engagement groups.

Some were recruiting for their groups while others were looking to join.

So, what is an engagement group?

An engagement group is a group where members comment and/or like each others posts to boost it’s visibility.

The groups I’m in range from a few hundred to more than a thousand members.

To participate in an engagement group, you would need to use messaging apps like Telegram/Kik/Slack/Skype, depending on which app/software the group is running on.

Some groups operate using Instagram Direct but it’s limited to 15 members per group only.

Why join an engagement group?

Before I joined one, I thought it was just groups to increase your likes and comments. Nothing else.

Furthermore, my posts were already top posts of the hashtags I used.

Like everyone else, what I wanted was more and more followers.

But I was wrong!

Likes and comments from other accounts in a short period of time will boost your post and increase it’s chances to appear on Explore(the magnifying glass in Instagram).

Why would you want your post to appear on Explore?

Once your post appear on Explore, it’ll become visible to more people.

Then, it will increase your engagement and bring new followers to your page.

Engagement groups increases the likelihood of your post getting on Explore.

Look at my results below:

On 16th October 2016, I only had approximately 80,000 followers.

Using engagement groups, my post reached 786,000 unique accounts, received 865,000 impressions, and 11,200 likes and comments.



Naturally, I gained a boost in new followers:


There is no way you can achieve the same results, just by using an Instagram bot.

It is unlikely shoutouts get you the same engagement too!

When used properly with the right content, engagement groups are an incredible tool.

Unfortunately, most people don’t and fail.

Without engagement groups, I’ll be stuck at 400 to 600 new followers a day and I wouldn’t be able to reach 100,000 followers in less than 6 months.

You’ll also get to interact with people with similar Instagram goals and learn from them.

Hence, I believe it is essential to join as many engagement groups as possible because you don’t want to be stuck botting alone!