In my humble opinion, a lot of people seem confused when it comes to what actually makes a good Instagram account.

Most of them think it’s the number of followers. These are the same people that buy fake followers and fail. Brands today are getting smarter and perform more checks because of rampant purchase of fake followers by account owners.

Hence, here are 3 criteria that makes good Instagram account:

1.An Instagram name/handle that is catchy, relevant and unique

Choose a short name under 20 characters, without numbers, full stops/period( . ) or underscores( _ ).

Try looking up for a name with  characters with numbers and symbols, it’s a pain in the ass.

If your name is hard to remember, it’s going to be hard to search for it too.

So unless you’re a famous celebrity or an existing brand, don’t do it.

2.Have content that interest people to follow you

It’s simple.

If your content is boring, it makes no sense to be your follower.

Check the engagement(likes & comments) on all your posts and understand what interests your followers.

You can also check other accounts within your niche to get ideas on what interests followers in your niche.

Either create your own unique content or repost popular photos/videos relevant to your page.

Don’t be stubborn and learn to moderate your content.

Honestly, the posts on my main Instagram account are vastly different from when I first started because I had to adapt to what my followers wanted. Otherwise, I won’t be anywhere near 100,000 followers within 6 months.

3.Good engagement from followers

This is why you need active real followers.

A good Instagram account will have a minimum of 3% engagement rate from it’s followers. This is important as engagement rates will drop further as your account grows bigger.

Example, if you have 10,000 followers, you should have a minimum of 300 likes per post. Any comments by your followers would be helpful too, especially comments with more than 3 words.

From what I’ve seen, good pages with less than 100,000 followers usually have 5 to 10% engagement.

However, if you have a minimum of 10,000 likes every post, then it doesn’t matter as much.

So if you’re struggling to hit 3% engagement rate with less than 100,000 followers, it’s time to rethink your strategy and the content you’re posting.

Otherwise, it’ll be tough for your posts to be discovered and gain new followers.

In conclusion,  an account that fulfill the 3 criteria above is worth more than an account full with ghost followers that don’t engage with your posts.